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Just in case you forgot... these are kids!

While we train athletes in this age group in nutrition, sports psychology, strength and conditioning, team strategy and skill development, we also need to be realistic about the role of hockey in our player's life. Intrinsic motivation can be an extremely productive force when fostered in youth athletes.

Support your child in positive ways and create a player for life.

BC Hockey LTPD Bantam

January 24, 2019 | Comments Off on BC Hockey LTPD Bantam


This is the start of competitive hockey.

This is an important time in a player's life as they transition from childhood into the teenage years. They need a lot of support from their families beyond pay, feed, drive. Be there for your child, let them know how much you love to watch them play.

It's not where you place, it's what you learn, how you play and how you grow into a strong communicator and leader both on and off the ice.

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Is competition healthy? Yes! Competition is a very healthy part of an athlete's life. At the Atom level it is important to be a good role model in terms of managing the competitive spirit - teach your player about sportspersonship. Real success is only achieved when we do our best, cheer for one another, and are aware how our actions impact those around us.

Atom Development is a time to try all positions in games and have everyone take a turn in the various roles from power play to puck collector to buddy for a teammate having a rough day. Team sports can be a rewarding experience when we focus on process instead of outcome.

HOCKEY 1-4: Novice & Initiation

Take a Step Back

Always take the time to check for smiles. We want to see kids who have the desire and the craving to come the rink every single day.

Benefits of Half-Ice

Within every hockey game are many small area games. Half-ice provides great skill development and increases enjoyment of the game for our youngest players.

Have Fun, Be Safe and Learn

Learning the basic skills at a young age will set the foundation for everything a player will accomplish in the game of hockey.

How the Game Begins

These are not adults. Just like at school it is important to scale the equipment and game elements down so that children can challenge themselves, keep trying, and get better.