Please see the latest updates from VRC regarding U13 T1 ice Aug 28-30th.


All ice is at VRC.

Aug 28th 5-6:30pm | Aug 29th 3:15-4:20pm | Aug 30th 5:50-6:50pm


We ask that parents not attend sessions. Parents may enter prior to the start of the ice time to bring in missing gear or tighten skates. We ask that no more than one parent per child enter and only if absolutely required. Volunteer parents should exit the building once the on-ice portion starts unless they are serving a function critical to the operation of the games such as bench and clock.

Dressing Rooms

Players may arrive 30mins prior to the start of the ice time and will be able to access dressing rooms to change. Check-in will be in the lobby. Please abide by the recently updated face covering mandate available in a separate email and on our website. Masks must be worn at all times while indoors – for players this means until their helmet goes on. Remember to bring a clean, labelled water bottle.


Reminder that all sessions are games. Position preference can be confirmed at check-in or in Teamsnap. Teams are balanced and a 2min buzzer will be used at our discretion to ensure fair ice time. Pinnies will be handed out at the start of the session and returned at the end of each day. All players are expected to attend all 3 sessions.


If your player is unable to attend, notify us asap


We are committed to notifying players by September 1st if they are continuing on T1 (VRC players only) or receiving placement on U13 T2. VRC T1 players are subject to further assessment at sessions running September 7th-13th. For PMHA players we will be providing T1 placement invites or returning players to their home association by September 1.


Please see the homepage of our website for copies of the most recent information for T1.